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Masseren het woord
De oorsprong wordt gevonden in het Franse masser
Het is de handeling van het kneden, het wrijven, strijken of het onttrekken van het lichaam op een geplande en gecontroleerde manier. De massage geeft het ontspannend en activerend effect op het weefsels en de spieren. Het stimuleert de doorbloeding, herstelt de huid en lymfatische functies. De ademhaling verdiept.

Het is raadzaam om infrarode thermo-therapie vroeger t te hebbeno dat een massage neemt. De verschillende vormen van massage zouden voor verschillende problemen moeten worden toegepast en therapies: klassieke massage, acupressure, ontspanningsmassage, de massage van de lymfedrainage, voetreflex massage, verbindingsweefselmassage, borstelmassage, onderwaterdrukmassage en hoogste massage.   De massage van Acupressure | De massage van Cellulite | Therapeutische massage | De reflexmassa van de voetleeftijd | De massage van de Steen van La | De massage van de lymfe - drainage | De massage van de sport | Zweedse massage | Thais masseer massage Acupressure die voor die hoofdzakelijk wordt geadviseerd die aan spanning en met zwak lijdenbehoefte immune systemen. Het masseren van bijzondere acupressurepunten verlicht energieblokken die de stroom stammen van chi. Zonder behandeling, kunnen de energieblokken de waarschijnlijkheid verhogen van zich ziekten het ontwikkelen. After een acupressure het evenwicht masseert van de body s energie wordt hersteld. De massage Ma van Cellulitenual en/of vacu´┐Żmmassage om bloed te activeren en lymfatisch


The word, originally from the French masser, is the act of kneading, rubbing, stroking or tapping the body in a planned and controlled way. Massage has a relaxing and at the same time activating effect on the tissues and muscles. It invigorates the blood supply, restores the skin and lymphatic functions. Breathing deepens. It is advisable to have infrared thermo-therapy prior to taking a massage. Different forms of massage should be applied for different problems and therapies: classical massage, acupressure, relaxation massage, lymph draining massage, foot reflex massage, connective tissue massage, brush massage, underwater pressure massage and meridian massage.
Acupressure massage
Primarily recommended for those suffering from stress and with weakened immune systems. Massaging particular acupressure points eases energy blocks which stem the flow of chi. Without treatment, energy blocks can increase the likelihood of diseases developing. After an acupressure massage the body’s energy equilibrium is restored.
Cellulite massage
Manual and/or vacuum massage to activate blood and lymphatic circulation, thereby improving removal of toxins from the body. Cellulite massage can also be supplemented with ultrasound and interference current treatment to boost absorption of active agents, stimulate the breakdown of body fats and strengthen degenerated muscles.
Therapeutic massage
Effective in combating postural dysfunctions, developmental disorders and in post-operative and accident regeneration. Special manipulation eases tense muscles and reduces pain.
Foot reflex massage
Reflex massage is based on the principle of stimulating and positively influencing organs and regions of the body linked to acupressure points located on the foot and primarily on the sole. Dysfunctions of the organs of the body are revealed by points sensitive to pressure and generally to be found on the foot. Reflex massage aims first and foremost to activate the body’s self-healing capacities. Massage also has a relaxing and invigorating effect on the entire system.
La Stone massage
This massage technique developed in Arizona utilises smooth, rounded lava stones heated to a temperature of approx. 50° C. About 40 of these stones are then placed on the body on defined energy centres. Alongside heated stones the massage technique also employs ice-cold marble. The stimulation induced by the alternation between hot and icy cold is similar in form to Kneipp treatment. The La Stone treatment relaxes the muscles, and this effect is enhanced by intensive massage. The actual massage, which is carried out using stones of different sizes, only starts after careful preparation. In the early stages of the cure the body is covered with fragrant scented oils and background music is played to create a sense of well-being. The use of heated stones to ease muscular cramps is by no means a new discovery: similar methods were being employed by the Chinese 2000 years before the birth of Christ.
Lymph massage - drainage
If disorders appear in the functioning of the lymphatic system, water builds up in the tissues leading to the possible formation of oedemas. The aim of lymph massage therapy is to restore a balance between the quantity of accumulated water in the tissues and the performance of the lymph ducts. Danish physiotherapist Emil Vodder developed the method of manual lymph massage 50 years ago in Cannes. Stroking, pumping movements drain the lymph node, and speed up the off-channelling of surplus lymphatic fluid.
Sport massage
Similarly to connective tissue massage, its application is particularly recommended before or after sports activities in order to relax the muscles and invigorate blood circulation to the muscles.
Swedish massage
Similar to connective tissue massage but including long stroking and circular movements. All this is complemented with kneading massage motions to promote deep-down relaxation of muscle tissue.
Thai massage
Classical Thai massage does not use oil on the skin. It is recommended for the treatment of functional articular disorders. It consists mainly of stretching exercises while the patient remains clothed. Chinese reflexology and Ayurveda elements are integrated into meditation treatment.